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From the very start of your much awaited wedding day, as you get ready, to the moment you take your first dance as a married couple and all the beautiful, unique and special moments in between, I will be there to capture your whole wedding story.

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This collection is for the couples who want their photography to capture the whole story. Think everything I offer in the Storybook Collection plus an engagement shoot that is tailored around you and the story of your relationship. Your whole wedding story from now to your big day.

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storybook collection




One of the biggest investments you will make for your wedding is photography. Once the day has passed, the certificate has been signed and life has settled down, your photographs will be your way to relive your day all over again. They are the physical memory of your big day and will remain such an important part of your history... your story.
My passion is to do more than take pictures... It’s to capture personality and authentic moments. I care about what you want to get out of the photos from your big day and hope you are able to relax and enjoy every moment knowing I am on board with your vision. I’m with you from the beginning and by the time your wedding rolls around I hope to be someone you trust so you can relax in front of the camera and focus on each other.

engagement packages



voyage package


Lets get up with the sun and spend a couple of hours exploring somewhere special or somewhere new. We’ll take some emotive, story-telling  photos in the golden morning light and make new memories celebrating your love. If mornings aren’t for you we can meet before the sun sets and catch those late afternoon rays. 

This is the perfect way to celebrate your story and if you're booking me for your wedding - it's your chance to practice before the big day and get to know me so that I'm a familiar face when the wedding rolls around.

Prices from £200

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adventure package

couple kissing in the rain


If you’re the more adventurous type, lets be wild and go somewhere EPIC. We’ll meet when the sun wakes up and grab some breakfast before we head off and go to as many locations as we can in a day. We’ll find some truly beautiful spots to capture some tender moments and create new memories! And for a day we’ll live for the adventure.
Prices from £400 

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portrait and lifestyle



newborn + baby


The first stages of your child's life are precious moments that flash by in a heartbeat. Capture them with a personalised photoshoot at your home or somewhere special so that in years to come you can look back on the photos and cherish the memories. 

You will get the most out of your shoot if you are in the photos too. Co-ordinating outfits, choosing a space that's tidy and planning around nap time are all things that make a difference to the outcome!

Prices from £150

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portraits + branding

floaty dress and tattoo


Are you a musician, a business owner, entrepreneur? Are you on linked in, online, is your face seen? Whether you need new headshots or you just want some current photos of yourself, the best portrait photos are taken when formalities are dropped and we both have fun. Whether that's in the comfort of your home or outdoors, lets take some pictures you will love. That you will be able to use for business, branding and personal gain.

Prices from £150

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