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attendee testimonials



"I was so thrilled to be part of the Eden workshop this time around. The styling was just breathtaking, it was everything I was looking for and knew that it was the perfect match for my brand and would help me reach my ideal clients. Safrina organised the day perfectly, from a gorgeously presented welcome gift to the actual timing of the day.

We were split into small groups which meant we all had a chance to take photos without feeling like we were battling for space. We all had enough time in each set up and the amount of beautiful imagery taken in each part was amazing! The models used were fantastic, so natural and relaxed in front of the camera. It was brilliant that they were real couples so that everything felt authentic and the connection was real!


Thank you Safrina for an amazing day. The amount of content I have now is amazing and I've had so many positive comments on the photos already. Looking forward to participating in another workshop very soon."



"The eden workshop was an absolutely brilliant day. The entire production was so well organised and very well planned. The set ups were stunning, the models were professional, plus you were able to get 6 different shoot opportunities AND a golden hour which was an amazing amount of content. 

There was a true sense of community within the photographers during the workshop, everyone working together to compose and instruct the shots and making sure there was enough space and equal time for all to get the photographs they wanted. A real sense of support, as differing levels of experience within the photographers meant you could bounce off of each other both learning and helping others.


It was a brilliant day for making connections and meeting people in what can be quite a lonely industry. 

I will definitely be booking in with Eden again, I learnt so much in just one day and gained a wealth of confidence and knowledge. Great experience all round, very well run and perfectly executed. 

Thank you, Ellie"



"I couldn’t recommend Eden workshops enough!  Having never been on a workshop or content builder before I wasn’t sure what to expect however I was welcomed with friendly faces, heaps of content and left with a camera full of images and new friends! If you’re looking to level up your portfolio, inspire your existing clients or take your work in a different direction, Eden is the workshop for you.

Safrina the organiser is absolutely lovely. The planning, hard work and vision that goes in to the day itself is epic! I love the fact that we are separated in to small groups of under 5 and have over 4 looks to shoot across the day with multiple backdrops, so the value for money is amazing. My partner who is beginning his photography career is attending the next shoot and I’ll also be going again, they’re brilliant for what ever point you’re at in your journey."

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