• Safrina Smith

Dancing in the Rain with Chris and Lydia

A couple of weeks ago I wrapped my camera up in it's very own waterproof coat and braved the wind and rain with Chris and Lydia for their engagement shoot at Stanton Moor. When I say it rained I mean IT RAINED! But these two just embraced it and even though it was cold, even though we were all soaked to the core, we had an incredible time and this is the result!

It probably took about five minutes for us to get completely drenched and although I looked like a total drowned rat, somehow these two managed to stay looking gorgeous... Especially Lydia. I've never seen wet hair look so good on someone, her dress was dancing in the wind and her makeup somehow stayed put the entire time (Teach me your ways)! Stunner!

It's safe to say this photoshoot was definitely one for the memory book. It's the kind you don't get to do a lot, that is all the more special for how unique it is!

We ended the photoshoot with a very mouthwatering conversation about pizza toppings (like you do) and all decided Pizza for dinner was definitely a better idea then whatever we had previously planned. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways and I can't wait for when I next see these two on the day they say 'I do'!

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