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A Cornish Shipwreck Elopement at Sunset

The most stunning location I've worked at to date

From the first time I saw the wreck of RMS Mulheim nestled between the rocks near Lands End, Cornwall, I dreamed of doing an elopement style shoot there among the rusted metal and towering cliffs. This August it finally happened.

These two lovebirds got married last year and marked their first anniversary with a road trip to Cornwall which happened to involve this absolute DREAM of a photoshoot. It literally stole a piece of my heart... The location, the experience, the result, the whole damn thing!

Getting There

This shoot was so much more than the backdrop... It was the whole experience that made it so special. So it only feels right to share the full story with you...

It began with an hour long drive through the narrow roads of West Cornwall. After parking up the car we walked along the coastline searching for the bay the shipwreck occupies. It's a steep climb down and if you're thinking of heading there yourself, bare that in mind. Now I would consider myself quite agile but when you're carrying your most valuable possessions as well as your clients shirt and trousers, a scramble down a cliff is quite a task! But we managed, clothes still clean and camera intact.

What a Dream

With the sun setting over the sea and the waves crashing against the ship, I spent the next couple of hours capturing all the little moments between these two. The quiet moments, the wobbly ones, the laughter and love. I love to capture authenticity... the things that actually happen. The nature of this location meant I needed to set up poses more than I usually would but the beauty of that was letting those poses unravel in to their true form as I jumped across rocks to get different angles and left them to it.

As our time drew to an end and the tide began to rise, we took a few special moments to appreciate the beauty of the sun setting over this place that ties nature and scrap metal together in the most beautiful way. I feel blessed to have finally ticked off this bucket-list photoshoot, for the weather, the tide, this gorgeous couple... Every piece of this puzzle that came together perfectly to pull it off.

There will always be bigger adventures to be had and more epic locations to discover and I can't wait for the next. But this one will always have a little piece of my heart.

Where would your dream location be? If it's somewhere epic lets chat about a bucket list discount!

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